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Jan '10

Organizing DVDs.

I guess I should have done this sooner. Organizing DVDs that is. Judging from the date on the Access Database of my DVDs it was two years ago or more that I did any changes to what was loaded where.

As of the end of today — I’m down to a stack of 40 DVDs that need to be cataloged and put in the machine… then it’s just a matter of printing and binding the catalog — and then it’s on to the 300 DVD player filled with more General Interest DVDs. Maybe I just have too damn many movies.

Hopefully I’ll get this done before heading to Tucson (at least the 400 one) on Thursday. Speaking of that trip — the 72 hour upgrade window arrived and left without an upgrade… hopefully the 48 hour window will be better to me. Hopefully I’m not flying down at the same time as all the snowbirds.

After a grocery and booze run, dinner was leftover ham on onion buns with sauerkraut and pickles — trying to get the fridge cleaned out in advance of the Tucson trip which is quickly followed by Denver and Estes Park to see BrightHeart.

Early to bed — the now bi-weekly marketing meeting in the morning, and the notes aren’t done yet.


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