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Jan '10

Weather And New Shoes.

OK — I’ve got two upcoming trips… Tucson starting on Thursday:

71° / 42°
Partly Cloudy 

But then going a few degrees cooler — not sure how that bodes for my planned pool time. And then Denver next Tuesday:

Mostly Sunny
37° / 23°

And then later that day Estes Park for the Three Bedroom Presidential Condo at the WorldMark:

Mostly Sunny

28° / 16°
Some might wonder why the hell I don’t stay in Tucson. Must be the miles — certainly isn’t First Class since it doesn’t look good for Tucson in either direction. Seriously sold out planes. Only really expensive seats still available, and those probably in the middle. Oh well, its a three hour flight.
But what about those shoes? They arrived today at the apartment (actually yesterday but I was too lazy to drive over) and here they are on the dining table:
Thinking of taking the pair on the right to Tucson with me.
It was a quiet night at home — I should go back to entertaining, seems like my weight creeps up when I’m home alone.


2 Responses to “Weather And New Shoes.”

  1. debora dye Says:

    Love the shoes! Happy New Year to you! Already a week out! I like Tucson. Hope you are having a wonderful time.
    I will write soon! I like the ones on the right the best!
    Have fun, and be safe!

  2. Gnarlene Says:

    Tuscon sounds lovely right about now. Is that a hot tub or a fish pond you’re working on? Let’s do dinner sometime when you’re in town and I’m in non-reclusive mode.