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Jan '10

Stocking Up On Vitamin D.

Joe offered his truck to me if I wanted to take him into work today (and pick him up). I decided sleeping in was a better idea – that wold focus me to get some more work done during the day to help pay for this trip.

This is not to say that there isn’t time for a little vitamin D harvesting…


I got about two-three hours in the sun — this time of year I can say out for long periods without burning. It’s in the low 70’s so needless to say I didn’t take a dip in the pool to cool off.

After a lunch of eggs, steak, flour tortilla, and my time in the sun, it was time to get dressing are start getting some work done.

Joe bailed on work early and off to AJ’s we went for salad and some hunk of protein (turned out to be a pork roast) to go with the potatoes and tomato that he had. Good wine from the cellar (2002 Titus Merlot from Napa Valley) and some of the remainders of Package Day cookies/chocolate/baked goods.

Joined at dinner by a process server friend of Joe’s — he might need her during the divorce proceedings! Much fun and good conversation followed by more scotch.


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