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Jan '10

Quiet Night At Someone Elses Home.

Needless to say, it’s a slow day around this house after last night.

Oddly enough Joe was up before 9. Me, later. Brunch was a scramble with the pork and potatoes from the first night and some eggs from today…. you have to love leftovers.

This is the day this weekend that we both were able to get some work done. More for Joe than I — I kept waiting for the sun to peek out, and even tried the hot tub to see if it was hot enough (not = 96 degrees).

Tonight’s wine was a 2000 Titus Cabernet. Damn smooth, and still available if you are a wine club member. What went with it was a couple of steaks off the BBQ — figured it out myself!

The first night I was in town we had the 2002 Titus Metlot. As they say on the site — a Merlot for Cabernet lovers. Both the links are technically for their “club” members only… suddenly I want the 3 liter of the Cabernet for $333.

It’s been a fun visit. Hard at some points with talking about divorce and finances, fun at others having BBQ with friends, or just hanging out making breakfast.

Makes me want to think about moving here.

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