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Jan '10

In The Air.

Part Two Of Two.

So much for taking light rail to the airport this morning. A 7:40am flight time is just too early to add a half an hour to the travel time. Back to MasterPark I go.

Left the house at 5am, was through security at 6am, even with long lines at the scanners and my bag full of electronics. Not bad — except that we are talking butt-early in the morning.

Uneventful flight. Even managed to get a half-hour nap in right before landing. Too bad the quiche and turkey sausage was barely lukewarm.

BrightHeart and his friend Mike were at the airport to pick me up — they had been down in Denver picking up a utility trailer axle so it was a little tight in the Volvo for the ride north to Fort Collins. Unfortunate BirghtHeart has play practice this afternoon and early evening — he has the role of Chief in a production of One Flew Over The Cuckoos’ Nest. At Fort Collins Mike and I switched to his truck for the run up to Estes Park.

Multiple stops later (lunch, booze, groceries, etc) we arrived at the lovely WorldMark Estes Park. Missed it the first time with the sun in our eyes and the subtle/tasteful signage. And the room was even ready at 3:30 (rather than the guarantee of 4pm).

Here is a short video clip of the 3-bedroom presidential at the WorldMark Estes Park:

Not a bad little place.

Spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out, drinking cocktails after we were all unpacked. Dinner was steaks and asparagus under the broiler (no on deck BBQ and I wasn’t thrilled about standing in the snow in the dark using the one downstairs), salad, and bread.

Lewis arrived late, after a little hot tub (on the deck) I was off to bed.


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Part Two Of Two.

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