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Jan '10

Getting My Life In Order.

Day Two.

Still in organizing mode here in South Park.

Things I’ve learned while going through the process:

  • My thoughts about selling and moving to either and apartment or a condo have hit a BIG snag I don’t think I can conquer… BBQs are not allowed on decks of any apartment building/condo over three units. Shit.
  • Thanks to a year-end statement from my mortgage holder — I noticed that their threshold to remove PMI is 78% rather than the 80% that I’d assumed. And I’m there, and I knocked off a letter requesting PMI removal with back-up evidence of the original appraisal ($225K), today’s Zillow On-line Appraisal ($214K) and the Eppraisal On-line Appraisal ($220K). None of these account for the complete kitchen remodel, new exterior paint, and the handicap accessible front deck (or the 500 sq/ft steel building for that matter. Saw some comps (comparable houses sold) last summer of my size in the $280K range which is what I’d like for mine. Guess I’d better finish the hot-tub!
  • Cleaned off the “to mail” stack of clippings
  • Wrote letters to Steve (prison) and Debbie (San Diego, computer-less)
  • Figured out who is going on each of the three upcoming WorldMark bookings
  • Started the process of booking a Panama Trip (with or without anyone else since the single supplement is like $200 — that’s worth it to stay by myself!) and I think I can use my Alaska miles to get down there in a combination of Business and First Class for 60,000 frequent flyer miles.

Still on the list:

  • 5 inches worth of DVDs (non-general interest) to enter into the database
  • Need to add all the General Interest DVDs to the other database
  • Need to finish the hot-tub and cover

Dinner tonight is with Wonderful to answer the following questions:

  • Coming to Victoria February 3-11th?
  • Are we splitting the 2010-2011 Seattle Opera season?
  • Any interest in coming to Panama?

All this over Chicken Molé (spices from New Mexico this Christmas), salad, wine.



2 Responses to “Getting My Life In Order.

Day Two.”

  1. Swanda Says:

    When are we getting together again? Home and relaxing. Fun catching up as I went totally computer free for almost 5 days…ok, so 4 days. It was not easy. Have a story for you about getting older. OY! Mom says that if you plan to visit the flop house you better consider by mid-2010. I am going back in March and May (to celebrate her 87th birthday!).

  2. Kate Gowins Says:

    When are you thinking for the Panama trip? We may join you.