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Jan '10

Work. Play. Party Planning.

Amazing how quick a day can go.

Topic: Party Planning, Seattle

February 1st, top floor of the Camlin in downtown Seattle. 6-10 with possible sleep over. I’m providing the booze absorbents, BYOB on the booze.

Topic: Party Planning, Whistler

Ordered t-shirts this evening for the folks going to the Olympics…. I feel, oh, so, Swanda. Here is Mick’s T-shirt (luckily I know he doesn’t read my blog!)…

MickT by Mark Souder Front MickT by Mark Souder Back

Yes, I know, it’s sick and wrong… shit… I have to pack furs for all of us to wear to the medal ceremonies!

Quiet dinner of pork at home. No looking forward to 4AM when the alarm goes off to get my ass out of bed and head to the airport.


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