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Jan '10

Art and Shellfish.

Swinging into a routine around here… Pucci goes to the gym, I sleep in, get up, shower, and get a little work done before he returns.

Today’s adventure is thethe MFA (Museum of Fine Art) to see a little art, have a little knosh, see a little more art, hit the bargain book rack in th store and finish shopping for tonights meal.

The exhibits we hit (in order) were…

Nov 21, 2009 – Aug 8, 2010
Café and Cabaret:
Toulouse-Lautrec’s Paris

Just a nice long hallway with lots of his cafe prints.

Then a swing by the Sargents form the regular collection on our way to grab a little lunch. Cobb Salad for me, Lentil Salad for Pucci. Damn there food is good. Then it was back to the art.

Nov 21, 2009 – Jul 3, 2010
Harry Callahan: American Photographer
Pucci was hot to see this exhibition, it left me a little cold. I don’t think he was as impressed as he hoped he would be either.

Nov 21, 2009 – Jul 3, 2010
Albrecht Dürer: Virtuoso Printmaker
This exhibit knocks my socks off. The intricate lines that this guy could pull off using a woodblock are amazing. One of the night “educational” items in the exhibit was a side by side (actually top/bottom) display of two prints from the same plate, one very early and one much later — you could actually see how the image became more muted over time.

Oct 18, 2009 – May 16, 2010
The Secrets of Tomb 10A:
Egypt 2000 BC

More interesting that I thought it would be — growing up the the Nelson-Atkins extensive Egypt collection I thought I was done with it. The highlight of this exhibit for me was all the miniature boats for the after-world, must have been a hundred of them.

And then it was onto shopping. Pucci got one book (a Tachen edition on Album Covers), and I ended up getting five books (lucky he’s a member so I got the 10% discount), two fiction, three non-fiction. Looks like I’m checking my bag on the way home since that just added 10 pounds to it.

The rain greeted us with more intensity on the way from the museum to the car — maybe we should have grabbed umbrellas.

Next stop Wholefoods and Cambridge Spirits — mussels for tonight’s dinner, and scotch to pack back to Seattle since the Maccallan is on sale for $40.99 rather than the $54 at home.

Stunning meal of muscles, portuguese sausage, tomatoes, onions over a bed of linguini with spinach on the side… and a lovely Languedoc to wash it all down.


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