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Jan '10

Early Dinner With Helene & Swanda.

I don’t know why it throws my whole day off to have an early dinner (like at 4:30)… changes the schedule on the rest of the day. I must be too much of a man of habits.

Of course, on the positive side it means that you can do multiple things after dinner:

  • Business chat with your boss
  • Have drinks with your co-worker and a nice young man he needs a place to stash
  • Rip the seams out of the fur you bought over Christmas to enlarge my wolf jacket for the Olympics


Now if I can just get the machine to sew it all back together… might have to pay a visit to Fork and borrow Lindas’s machine and skills.


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  1. susan Says:


    Isn’t working know you are busy-but coule you help>