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Jan '10

Pucks, Not Parties.

You ever have those days?

Thought you were going to do one thing, then ended up doing things totally different.

The plan was work, putz, go to a party at Jacobs at 7:30… in reality, it was work, spend the afternoon rehabbing a computer, and the early part of the evening freezing and sealing chicken stock pucks in 1/2 cup size. And I still have a few more to do but ran out of freezer space for the containers… ah, tomorrow such fun things to look forward to.


1/2 cup is the perfect size for my bread recipes. Yes, I’m weird.

And in the spirit of cleaning and organizing, eat the last of the chicken stir-fried up with the leftover beans and tofu from Shanghai Garden before having a nightcap with Kevin who swung by to pick up some videos.

May tomorrow be more exciting.


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One Response to “Pucks, Not Parties.”

  1. The SENIOR Colonel Says:

    Hmmmm…..does that mean you’re a chicken pucker?