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Feb '10

Another Suite Day.

OK — I couldn’t help the pun. Suit. Suite.

But the highlight of the day is a cocktail party in the Nimbus Suite at the Camlin in Seattle. At the Camlin, all the suites are on the 11th floor, home of the Cloud Room years ago — I have fond memories of listening to whiskey throated torch singers before it was a WorldMark property.

The Nimbus Suite is their “2-bedroom Deluxe” unit. Only one in the whole property, there are 3 of the “penthouse” units which have private roof decks (but no hot-tub or BBQ). Here is a video tour of the unit:

And no, we didn’t get thrown out. Heavy appetizers helped balance out all the cocktails, complete with whiskey sours made in the traditional method… with egg whites. Thanks Jeff.

And thanks to the rest of the celebrants… Wonderful, BBHa, Belle, Salamander, Graf, Maloney, Ross.


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