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Feb '10

Meeting, Sleeping, Eating, Packing.

Morning sucked up with the (now for me) bi-weekly marketing meeting. Swanda called in from the car on the way to the Grand Canyon — he’s on his “I must visit ten places I haven’t been before” tour to knock off five of them… Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, Palm Springs, the Grand Canyon, and some small down in Nevada with a name I can’t remember, but I think the room price was $29 a night.

Early afternoon was filled with a nap to make up for some lost sleep last night.

Late afternoon run to the apartment to pick up two toner cartridges for “the beast” — the 11×17 printer in the office. Might actually get some postcards printed for the Big Joy Project.

Dinner was some bargain Kobe Beef (is there such a thing?) with a salad and some leftover Pinot Noir from last night.

Post dinner was cocktails with Tony Morgan of Gun Baby Graphics — and a viewing of his collection of thirteen bound prints in a folio edition from the book Throwing Bones. He really needs to get shots of the folio and the individual prints up on his website.

And then packing for Victoria… to save the $10 a day in parking for the Victoria Clipper terminal I’m stashing the van at the apartment and hopping the waterfront streetcar replacement freebie bus. I’m hoping that if they break a window that they go for the drivers window since the mechanism is already cranky.

Sorry, no pictures today.


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