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Feb '10

Day Two — Victoria.

A lazy morning of eating, working, doing a shopping run.

Today’s video will probably only be of interest to me… some early inside shots of the Boeing 787 including the crew rest area (which you never get to see).

And the other news of the afternoon is that I’ve finally found someone to go to Mexico with me — you wouldn’t think that it would be hard with First Class in both directions for 8-nights in a one bedroom deluxe condo for $760 each…. hell, airfare is basically at $500 round-trip because it happens to be spring break when we are going.

Dinner is with CrowDog and RobinHood — who are spending the night so they can hot tub and go out dancing after dinner. Dinner:

  • warm bread from the oven (par-baked, not mine)
  • green leaf and yellow tomato salad with chunky blue cheese dressing
  • grilled asparagus
  • three beautiful wild coho salmon steaks with smoked salt glaze
  • three little heart shaped chocolates for dessert

Yum. Nice to have the boys over for a pajama party — OK, it’s really a bathrobe party.

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