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Feb '10

View From My (Temporary) Office.

Here is the view from my temporary office…


That would be the Victoria Clipper IV in the background, headed back to Seattle. That would mean that it was taken at a little after 5pm.

Today was a walking day… to the train station to see how long it will take in the morning (I’ll be cabbing it — 25 minutes, might walk home), and back through town stopping to see how much the cute Olympic dog-flap hats were ($20, $30, more than I wanted to pay), to the Heron Rock Bistro for halibut and chips, then to Thrifty for more groceries (and a panicked call from a client), and back to the condo.

Turns out that little walk was like three and a half miles… no wonder my dogs are tired:


And speaking of dogs — I’m cooking Caribbean rum dogs for tomorrows train trip along with the some for tonight’s dinner as well. Must be junk food day – fish and chips, sausages… but at least I’ll be having a big salad tonight as well.

Quiet evening at home tonight, just sitting around watching the tube and tubbing.

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