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Feb '10

Incoming Waves.

Nice to be in my bed, if only for a night… and nice to not have an early morning.

Dropped off the Seattle Opera renewal stuff at Wonderful’s place — not there, he’s already off to the bush, but the deadline is the end of next week and I’m not really around. It’s in is hands now as to whether we keep the seats in the family. I’m probably going to give him the ticket to Flagstaff in March as that weekend I’m supposed to be out of town playing poker (again!).

Got on the road a little after noon and after a leisurely drive the long way around (through Tacoma) got to the WorldMark Discovery Bay which is half-way between Port Townsend and Sequim a little after three and the room was ready at 3:15. By four I was unpacked and the place looked lived in.


First wave, Curt, showed up at 4:30, second and third waves show up tomorrow. It only will take four cars to get six people here due to schedules.

Dinner was a couple of Fillet Mignons and some asparagus off the grill, a little salad and a couple of bottles of wine.

On the realization that there was no dessert, Curt took off for what turned out to be almost two hours of driving around looking for pie. What did he come back with:

  • a big bottle of olive oil
  • a pound of coffee
  • 2 quarts of ice cream (chocolate and french vanilla)
  • 4 pies (apple, pumpkin, cherry, and something called “all american”
  • 3 bananas
  • a bag of pistachios.

No wonder he was gone so long.


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