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Feb '10

Back Home For 19 Hours.

A 5-story (lots of split levels) condo was what I had to myself this morning. Views of Discovery Bay from the master (layer 1), living/dining (layer 3), second bedroom (layer 5). Layer 2 is the entrance and laundry room, layer 4 is the second bath. Lots of stairs — not a good retirement home.

Got the garbage and recycling taken out, and was on the road listening to another mystery on tape by 10:30 or so — and was at the Bainbridge Island ferry terminal at 12:02pm (according to my receipt) just in time to catch the 12:20pm ferry… unplanned, didn’t even pull the schedule. But I like it.

Next stop was the apartment to pick up magazines and a package, home at 1:30 after a Costco gas stop (was going to be a gas and car wash stop, but line was long and it turns out my card is now expired… at least they let me buy gas!)

  • Unload
  • Vacuum van
  • Install inverter in case we need it
  • Repack
  • Bay bills
  • Clip some extra fur
  • Clean off bed for guests
  • Prep dinner

Yikes… no wonder I’m running out of energy. Just cancelled the San Diego condo for a couple of nights in early March — can’t get ahold of the future clients I want. Still might work. Need more billable hours (after paying off the credit cards — ouch). Will probably cancel the Victoria condo for Sunday the 7th as well.

Ross and Rich for dinner and an overnight before we all leave for the Olympics tomorrow at 8am (if I can manage that early). Dinner is baked pork loin slices, a Caesar salad, some bread left from the weekend.

Up early. Ick.

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2 Responses to “Back Home For 19 Hours.”

  1. The SENIOR Colonel Says:

    What do you plan to do when Chris moves? Where are you going to have packages mailed?

  2. The SENIOR Colonel Says:

    What kind of mysteries do you like? I’ve got a ton of A. Christie’s available. Want some?