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Feb '10

Oh Canada.

Winter Olympics 2010

Whistler-Creekside, Bottom Of The Alpine Run.

I realized sending a piece of email today that I had given a pretty good play-by-play of the day.

Shocking. NO wait at the border, either NEXUS or regular… met up with Ross at the first free Park and Ride… there was a ton of space (way out in Surrey)… checked in around 3:30, light traffic all the way up, it was just the stops at Costco for groceries (and lunch – the Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich was stunning) and then in Squamish for the smaller items and wine – hell Rich even stored a deal at duty-free… bought a carton of cigarettes ($25) and she charged him for a bottle of Finlandia ($15)


All settled in, the rib roast is in the oven on a bed of potatoes. Got to make the salad and open the spout on the wine and we are good to go.


Have already seen loads of very handsome skiers at the bottom of the Alpine runs, and that was just driving in!

That was after leaving the house at 8:30 this morning and waiting around for Mick to get ready — a mis-communication. Considering that Ross had been at the Park-And-Ride for only a couple of minutes, it worked out well.

We are staying at a one-bedroom-deluxe at the WorldMark Sundance. One level, deck with BBQ, hot-tub just down the hall, second small room with bunk-beds for the OlyBoys, Mick on the couch (which turns into a bed) and me in the master. Two baths, small, but serviceable kitchen. Here is the tour:

Spent dinner watching curling…. and we were captivated. Actually easier to understand than cricket. And then whatever else came on… it’s an Olympics night.

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Winter Olympics 2010

Whistler-Creekside, Bottom Of The Alpine Run.

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