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Feb '10

Winter Olympics Day Two.

Bloody Marrys to start the day — no Eggs Benedict, just the standard scramble with potatoes and steak from last night, chopped and mixed with egg to create the sramble. Add a couple of mini-croissnats and you’ve got a nice 10am meal.

Men’s Alphine3 skking is first up on the telle (we get four Olympics changes here in he condo) which featured a course closing wipeout of one of the maleAnd then the curling began… facinatinghow it has sucked us all in; complete with cheering.

As cabin fever sets in we work on how to get to Whistler Village — turns out the roll of “toonies” that I picked up in Victoria we might not need as many of. Apparently we can drive to Whistler Village and park in WorldMarkCascade Lodge garage — they’ve given us the gate code. Just no overnight parking. That’s cool. We’ll just start running a shuttle service — and it the time is wrong — catch the bus back for $2 Times from the bottom of the hill up the hill at 15 and 45 after — walking down the hill isn’t too bad to catch a quicker bus, but uphill is a killer.

So, off to the Whistler Village we go, cameras and seal smashing t-shirts on at least two of us. What a zoo — a fun zoo. Ross is off to get his Edge Pass and picture so he can just go up to the lift, scan and they bill him. Lot’s of flexibility, including the Peak to Peak route. In theory Ross could get dropped in the Village, ski Whistler/Blackcomb, that the Peak to Peak route, ski down this side and take the every half hour bus back up Gondola Way. I have to suggest it. The Creekside Gondola run is only for the athletes.

So here is the sliding bar of our time in Whistler:


And here is a video that took forever to upload of the crowd scene in Whistler Village.

Tonight’s dinner (Mick and Ross caught the tail end of the Metals Ceremony (even with no tickets) and got back just as we were finishing up the ribs BBQ’d in Arthur Bryant’s sauce, corn on the cob, salad, and ice creme for dessert.

Our wine of the weekend is a Peller Estates Proprietor’s Reserve Shiraz in a 4 liter box. Not a bad everyday wine … equal to a little over 5 bottles of wine – which with Ross’ contributions of a Barefoot Cellars Cabernet, I think we should have enough to last up. I remember back from the Grand Canyon Trip when 125 liters was a little on the low side.

Hoping to sleep in a little bit tomorrow.

With luck…

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2 Responses to “Winter Olympics Day Two.”

  1. Curt Says:

    What, no pie?

  2. The SENIOR Colonel Says:

    What’s a “toonie”?