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Feb '10

Spring Olympics 2010 — Day Three.

That’s the joke going around up here… it isn’t the Winter Olympics, it’s the Spring Olympics. It has been sunny and warm everyday we have been here.

LOVE the TV coverage up here. Real-time, no delay, and on FOUR channels. NBC should be ashamed.

Needless to say, that was a lot of our day, though Ross did hit the slopes taking the Whistler Village lift up skied a little, took the peak-to-peak lift, skied a little more, then skied down to Creekside so that we didn’t even have to go back into town to pick him up.

Afternoon found Mick and I in the hot tub which is down one floor, and soon joined by one, then another 20 something back from a day skiing, then two middle-aged guys from Manitoba (who I figured out were on their day off, figuring policeman), and then two more twenty something. That was fun.

An early dinner tonight of BBQ’d ribs so Mick and Rich can head into town to see the medals ceremony if they can get in.

Here is a shot from their trip:

DSC00106 - Share on Ovi

I’m not a big fan of:

  • Crowds
  • Lines
  • Lines of Crowds

I (and Ross) stayed in and watched it on the TV.

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