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Feb '10

Craigslist Madness.

I6 guess I should have posted the listing to the Faerie and Facebook Lists first, as one of my friends suddenly expressed interest in buying SOB to take to Burning Man in Nevada. Yikes, almost a dozen requests for more information and appointments to view. And one inquiry on the Mommy Van.

Spend the day fielding email, answering questions, neglecting work, and getting ready for dinner with SpaceOtter, who was interested in SOB (Son of Bob).

When it was time for dinner, SO (SpaceOtter) showed up with his friend so they could both take a look at it — friend is also part of his Burning Man Possé. Sorta hard to show an RV in the dark, but gave it a shot, and let him FOSO (Friend of SpaceOtter) drive it to the airport so he could catch light rail back to the hill for his next appointment.

We talked over dinner of baked rock fish, slaw, high-heat roasted brussel sprouts and champagne. No descision until 8am tomorrow because it would be a foursome going in on this.

Time will tell.


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