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Mar '10

Plumbing Swanda.

OK — that sounds kinda bad. How about this. Plumbing, and then Swanda.

Update on the hot tub project:


OK — it doesn’t look like much, but I actually managed to get the drain/air system put together (and not leaking with one trip to home depot.

Well, two trips, but that was once I’d figured out how to do the tub jets since AguaQuip didn’t have any generic “eyeball” jets. My solution? I needed something with a fairly wide flange and backside nut so I could get it tight enough to the tub so it wouldn’t leak. Kitchen Hose Guides… once the Plumbers Goo is dry I’ll attach the Garbage Disposal hose adapter to the brass 3/4″FIP to Garden Hose Male Adapter and we’ll have water flow.

Another thing I realized working on this project — that I could initially fill the tub from the hot water heater drain…. preheated water — should knock a day off the warm up time for the tub, and the water heater is less than 20′ from the tub. Yahoo.

It will still take me a couple of more days on the project as I’m checking everything as I put it together for leaks etc. just in case this idea doesn’t fly… I’d had to have buy the insulation and boards to wrap the base in… and not have it work.

Dinner tonight with Swanda at his place. I brought the pork loin, bread and wine, he supplied the asparagus, salad, whiskey and my paycheck.


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