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Mar '10

More Plumbing.

More Sales.

Was I Really Ever That Young?

Talk about a full day. No nap time for me!

Morning = bi-weekly marketing meeting.

Afternoon = more hot-tub plumbing:


You like the duct-tape and pink rigid foam temporary tub cover? Now all I need to do is enclose it after swinging it 180 degrees so the pipes are back by the fence. Tomorrow, once it’s warm, I’ll have a shot of me in the tub.

Evening = sell another vehicle. That’s right. I’ve gone from three vehicles to one in under a week, and gotten close to NADA/Blue Book value for them. The things you do in a down economy.

Things left to sell:

  • Dead chipper with good 8hp motor
  • Phone booth with 1940’s phone
  • Two pop machines
  • 4×8 utility trailer
  • Pickup truck lift gate
  • And a ton of other stuff in the garage!

Dinner was VERY delayed with the sales process running til 8pm while I’m drinking bloody marys… amazing how the tomato juice replaces food — until 10pm when I fried up some fish and had a salad.

Whirlwind day — and just booking the train to Portland this weekend for a friends 70th b-day party. I have a room on the way down, a room at the Moderna which is right next to the party place, and a room back on Sunday.

And to round out this post — a picture that turned up on FaceBook that I label as “Was I Ever That Young”…


Yes, that would be me in the center.



4 Responses to “More Plumbing.

More Sales.

Was I Really Ever That Young?”

  1. The SENIOR Colonel Says:

    So……..Markie, how did you come to own a phone booth? With or without a phone?

  2. Miss Otis Says:

    And would that be Paul next to you, grinning under his engineer’s cap?

  3. markso Says:

    Actually, Gary Decker, though Paul was at that gathering.

  4. Curt Says:

    Yikes. I’ve slept with a real hotty! (as I knew all along)