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Mar '10

Crap. More Woodworking.

As I stuggle with billable hours — and there is a request for more (which I fulfilled today, but more tomorrow and Sunday), it’s another couple of coats on the hot tub sides, unexpected calls from everyone and their mother:

  • Wonderful needing to borrow Speedos for an 8mm film project
  • Jeff (my ex) and Jimmy coming by to chat after a Zippy Burger in West Seattle and taking the Lotus Elise out for a little sunshine
  • Mick, in need of an Old Fashion that doesn’t cost him an arm and a leg and a roommate (actually, he would benefit from less roommates)

This while I’m trying to work on an animated GIF for a website redesign. Got most of the groundwork done, hopefully on the train tomorrow I can work on the body.

Two more coats of varnish on the hot-tub sides, which are now insulated panels held in with screws — the whole thing will be insulated, but pop a part for moving. Means one-two people can easily move the tub. But in the process, the Jag is in the alley, I’ve got the table saw pulled out, I’m making panels of glued pine and insulation, really, I should take a picture.


Hell, if I die and decide not to box and burn, it would make a nice coffin.

Mick stayed for dinner for me (additional snack for him) and a couple of Old Fashions, and more importantly, the test of whether the tub can take two people (270# and 220#, basically 500#) — I am here to report success, though I do need a pickup to bring the last panel of 4x8x2″ foam for the cover — I got the two sheets of 2x8x1.5″ panels and the 2×2 in the jag today (along with a couple of bags of charcoal, lighter fluid, liquid nails)… and the same cute seriously homo “in training” check out clerk was there at Home Depot — didnt’ see the skinny hippy boy check-out clerk, but I did look. Damn. I’m going to Home Depot for sex?

Too many run-on sentences. I have to be up early in the morning to catch a train to Portland for Jamshed’s 70th B-Day party.


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