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Mar '10

Back On The Train After Brunch And Shopping.

As promised, here is the YouTube video of my hotel room (yes, I liked it that much):

Brunch this morning is with Julian, Jameson’s not so little brother, at Mother’s Bistro and Bar(thanks Swanda for getting us a table). Talk about crowded! Wow. Now I remember why I don’t go out to brunch on a weekend morning. But the food was worth it. It was good to catch up with Julian and hear the story of his return from India just after the underwear bomber struck…

  • 88 hours to get home
  • Unexpected overnight in New Delhi (fog)
  • Unexpected overnight in Paris (missed connection – duh)
  • Unexpected overnight in Atlanta (hours at immigration)

So the hours at immigration: recent national security incident, 20-something guy who has just spent a month in India pretty much off the grid, when he got to immigration in Atlanta they put big red marks on his form, pulled out a big envelope, put the form and his passport in it an said — “Go to that office over there.” Lots of questions, why India, what do you do for a living, what was the China trip about (passport stamp), etc… lots of second-third world stamps in his passport. Needless to say he missed his already tight connection. I’ve recommended the “Global Entry” trusted traveller program to him.

After brunch it was off to Powells for a look-see. Didn’t end up buying anything, neither did Julian.

Next stop — the train station a couple of hours early for my train, but the sleeping class passengers have access to the Metropolitan Room, basically a lounge with free wireless, coffee, pop, juice, newspapers, bathrooms, and comfortable chairs. Nice touch Amtrak. Probably only practical since all the long distance trains arrive and leave within about a four hour window at the station.

Got some work done there, and continued working for a bit on the train, drinking my complimentary champagne with orange juice. Had dinner in the Parlour Car — chipotle buffalo meatloaf. Not the best, but since it was the Parlour Car I didn’t have to share a table as I would have in the regular Dining Car. Had part of a nice bottle of Greg Norman Petite Syrah. I’ll finished the bottle with tomorrow’s dinner.

A couple of semi-drunk B-reel actors having dinner as well. Cute ,well, the younger one who apparently had a bit part in Sex Pot, and the older (mid-30’s) has been in a couple of CSI: NY episodes. The younger one seemed a little shocked when I said “You two make a cute couple.”

Arrived early — swung through the apartment to pick up travel papers for Panama and headed home for a night cap and an early bed.

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