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Mar '10

Back To Canada.

Vancouver This Time.

Why 6:30am — Why am I awake at 6:30am. To many of you — what’s new about that. Me? You must be kidding. By my normal wakey wakey time I’d gotten the work that needed done today done, and showered, and thinking of breakfast.

 It’s a crisp morning here in Seattle, a layer of frost on the deck (that looks so clean and organized after yesterday’s work party).

As noon rolls around it’s time to head north to Vancouver for a couple of days of cooking for friends. Tonight is Hummingbird and Helene, tomorrow is BamBam, Tom and later Hummingbird after his church meeting.

I must make an impression on people. There I am at duty-free and I recognize the sales person, and she remembers me as well, she asked whether I was the guy who last time through was headed up to Whistler for the Olympics… good memory! We chatted for a bit — apparently her sons surprised her with hockey tickets. No small thing for hockey crazed Canadians.

No troubles at the border other than pulling out my driver’s license rather than my Nexus card. Meant I spent 30 seconds at the border rather than 15 seconds. Next stop after the border was a new one for me… looking for the IGA on Broadway hoping it has parking so I don’t have to haul two days worth of groceries the several blocks from the IGA downtown to the condo…. yes, it has parking, and something equally important, a BC Liquor Store right next door saving another stop.

Got checked in a little before 4 and people started showing up a little before 6. No rest for the wicked.

Dinner = roasted chicken, steamed veggies, bread, salad, wine, good conversation. Turns out Helene and Hummingbird live within blocks of each other.

That’s it for today.


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Vancouver This Time.

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