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Mar '10

Why Is The Booze Bill Always Twice The Food?

OK — before I get to the title of this post, just the daily update.

Out of the condo at 11:30, through the border with a 1.14 liter of Alberta Springs Rye for $19 CAN and home (with a stop at Safeway at Smokey Point) by 3:30 in time to check mail and take a nap.

OK — onto dinner….

Seared Ahi Tuna over a bed of wilted spinach and a split of 2004 Bonny Doon Le Cigar Volante. The numbers:

  • Tuna: 50% seafood mark down at Safeway, end price $2.50 for half a pound (a good size tuna steak)
  • Spinach: Buy 5 bags or more (mix and match), $1 a bag, I used half a bag for one person
  • Wine: $6 a split on sale from last fall.

Total meal cost in round numbers? $9.00 including wine — but the wine was $6, so twice the food bill.

Best damn $9 dinner I’ve had in a long time. And healthy.

Tomorrow I work on the new (larger) hot tub cover. It’s so nice to have the back deck all organized (and clean). Hopefully SOB will be out of the front yard Sunday/Monday when the purchasers come back from their cruise.

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One Response to “Why Is The Booze Bill Always Twice The Food?”

  1. The SENIOR Colonel Says:

    Because booze is seldom, if ever, sold at a discount.