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Mar '10

So Lonely Around The House.

The folks who bought my RV are due back today… which means SOB (Son of Bob) will be leaving the front yard. With the back yard vacant of the Mommy Van (1998 Mazda MPV) it’s starting to look really lonely around here. Imagine what it will look like once the chipper, lift gate and trailer are gone as well! Guess I’d better get cracking and get them all listed on Craigslist next week.

They were due in around seven so I left the keys in an envelope on the counter in the RV and headed off to dinner with Jim and Suze.

But before I talk about the fabulous dinner, I have to tout Suze’s new book:

Portrait Painting Atelier: Old Master Techniques and Contemporary ApplicationsPortrait Painting Atelier: Old Master Techniques and Contemporary Applications

Click on the book and it will take you right to Amazon where every purchase not only puts money in Suzanne’s pocket, but mine! List price is $35.00, but Amazon has is for $23.10 (34% off), saving you $11.90.

As for dinner, pounded veal wrapped in prosciutto in a Madeira glaze reduction of shataki mushrooms, some pencil thin asparagus, salad, and a rosette chive challah with smoked sea salt crust. What a fine meal. As the last bottle of wine for the night was corked, it saved us from getting sloppy.

And yes, the RV was gone when I got home and I confirmed that it’s new owner picked it up.


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  1. Swanda Says:

    I do believe ever should be every and mean should be meal. Just sharing…