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Mar '10

Damn Tub Done.

I don’t know what was in the air this morning, but I whipped through a website redesign and was golden enough for the client to ask for implementation numbers so he could budget. From derivative to collaborative in the space of a week. But that quote is for tomorrow —- the billing period is over and I’m close to my limit.

So, that damn tub project. Today found me sewing on the back porch it was that nice out. I wanted to use the serger, but after half an hour of trying to retread it I just pulled out the beast (my mother’s college graduation sewing machine present):


Basically I took the old cover, and reworked it into the new cover. That would be an octagon into a rectangle. Seems to have worked:


Complete with tie-downs, though I have to drain and move the tub to screw in the rest of the latches. Speaking of moving the tub — when I drain it before leaving for Cabo next week, when I return (actually from Panama, different trip) I think I’ll make it “float” more in the deck — better view of the planes landing on Sea-Tac runway one (and two).

Dinner tonight was a quiet night at home — a pan-fried steak, wilted spinach, salad, split of wine.

Life is hard.

[225.2 — might be time for lipo-suction]


3 Responses to “Damn Tub Done.”

  1. The SENIOR Colonel Says:

    So…….did the folks pickup their new RV?

  2. markso Says:

    Why yes, they did. Now I need to reseed the lawn where it was parked, and the dead hot-tub lived.

  3. Swanda Says:

    OK, so that was going to be my very question!