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Mar '10

Back And Neck Sore, Wallet Happy.

Hit the ground running with the website redesign — my back and neck or sore from intense keyboard work, but it’s a bunch of billable hours, which I need. Seems the redesign is being pushed through like a health bill on Capital Hill — get out of the way it’s coming through with or without you. And problems with the direction, talk to me in December when it’s time for another refresh.

Between the hours today, and picking up two paychecks, I’m feeling a little flush (that and selling two vehicles!) Maybe it’s time to cancel that million dollar umbrella rider on my insurance policies as well — ever scheckel helps.

All packed for Cabo on Sunday, finalized a ride to the airport with DancingBear (steaks for rides, I like that) since he’s an early riser.

Not much time for anything else today except for doing a beef and asparagus stir fry (forgot to put in any of the canned Chinese vegetables — oh well) with a little wine, and an early bed-time.


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