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Mar '10

More Pages Done.

More Travel Booked.

Nothing like deciding you want to chance the footer information half way through creating new pages for a website re-do… and unlike in MS-Word where you would change it once, each page if a unique collection of tables within tables within tables, not unlike a Chinese Birdhouse.

Now I just need to concentrate on not bitching about it, just getting it done by the end of the week so I can escape and just do the cleanup and tweaks next week while working on my tan.

And while we are speaking of tans — Cabo San Lucas next week, Panama in early April, and getting closer to booking my birthday cruise for the fall — as in, I now have a plane reservation. I was on-line looking at prices to San Diego for a possible business/pleasure trip (though it’s been a month and haven’t heard back about business) and decided to check out prices to Miami in September. Last time I looked it was $400+, but that was 8 months out when there are never deals — wasn’t expecting one now either, but found a $267.40 round-trip direct Seattle-Miami a couple of days before and a returning a couple of days after my cruise dates. Maybe this time I’ll get to explore Miami a bit.

For those who didn’t get my email — it’s the Norwegian Epic sailing from Miami on September 25th. At the moment the ship is 88 days from launching, so hopefully with a couple of month under their belt the bugs will be worked out (the the bed bugs not arrived yet). What make this interesting (to me) is they are offering Studios for single travellers (with it’s own bar with key card access). Here is a shot of the studio — amazing how photography can make 100 sq.ft. seem large:


My friend Barb at Pegasus Travel in lovely Lexington, Kentucky has a couple of studios and other size rooms on hold until May 28th. They are (with taxes):

  • Studio are 881.60 with taxes (two held, I’m taking one of them)
  • Inside J at  751.60ea  based on 2 to a room
  • Balcony BF-  1041.60ea double occ
  • Deluxe Balcony   D3- 1231.50- double occ

Dinner was some filet mignon and a salad — where have I heard that before:


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More Travel Booked.

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