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Mar '10

TGIF — Though It’s Never/Always Friday For Me.

Round one of all the pages of the website are done and uploaded — by around 2pm this afternoon. 32 pages, with a query in as to whether I should do another ten or so “travel” pages. No comments back yet which is either good or bad, probably neither, just that he is busy.

Time to start on bread for dinner — when my phone starts chirping with an appointment in fifteen minutes… ah, my appointment with my tax account. Shit. 15 minutes from South Park to Bellevue. Not going to happen.

Ring, Ring. Linda — I’ll put it in the mail. Sorry. Take a coffee break and relax between clients. Can’t apologize enough. No, nothing out of the ordinary this year, no houses bought/sold. Email me with questions, on the road starting Sunday.

Not my finest moment, forgetting an important appointment. But the bread came out great.

Graf showed up around 4:30 to hang out before a dinner of shrimp and pork tenderloin, with spinach wilted with seasoned bacon — talk about a kosher dinner!

Oh look — my headphones — better pack those, and maybe sunglasses would help too.

Getting closer.


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