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Mar '10

Cabo, She Is A Changin’.

When I was last in Cabo, with Jill and Jameson the nearest grocery store was several miles north. Definately a cab/van ride in each direction. Today, a mere 1 kilometer north (.6 miles) is a Mega store — everything from groceries to kitchen appliances… and a McDonalds, Starbucks, Dairy Queen, Sushi Restaurant and nalf a dozen other things.


Yes, and the sign in the background is advertising the McTrio (Big Mac in the US) for 49 pesos ($3.83 at the exchange frate of 12.8 pesos to the dollar).

The RV Park with it’s decent restaurant is closed and fenced off, awaiting the next wave of money to turn it into another resort to fill the only hole left between Cabo San Lucas and the old San Jose del Cabo. What we lost in that close by restaurant is a Dominos and a Subway on the highway behind the resort along with a couple of other small restaurants that we should check out. We’ll pass on the Dominos, Subway, and the Applebees across the highway — all new since my last trip five years ago.

All this is good to know since a couple of weeks ago I booked a week here (and a week in Whistler) for Rich’s 60th birthday. For that I booked a two-bedroom penthouse, which we’ll try out tomorrow to see if it was worth sucking my points available for borrowing from next year down to 450 points.

Today’s big adventure after breakfast (a chile rellano stuff with eggs, bacon and cheese) was the trip to the Mega for groceries. Six bags and 850 pesos ($66.40) later we have enough food and booze for the next couple of days… a pork roast for tonights dinner, a chicken (pollo) for tomorrow, two bottles of wine, a bottle of tequila, bread, butter, vegetables, fruit, the whole shooting match. Not two bad, really.

The bad part was walking the six heavy bags back to the condo.

Afternoon around the pool (yes, I’m a little pink in parts) starting with happy hour number one (2-4pm at the pool swim-up bar).  At two for one we each had three fruity rummy drinks before calling it quits even before happy hour number two (4-6 at the sports bar on the property) or happy hour number three (6-8 at the bar right on the highway).

What I realized this afternoon is that my friend Cathy whose honeymoon week we are using because she postponed the wedding, would probably have hated this place. It isn’t the Mexico of her youth travelling with her father buying chess sets with silver dollars. This is spring break week and it is party, party, party with the 18-25 year old set (most with parents in tow drinking just as hard along with them).

The weather is great as you can see from the photos in the scroller bar:

We had dinner on the deck and stayed up way too late drinking scotch and tequila.

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3 Responses to “Cabo, She Is A Changin’.”

  1. The SENIOR Colonel Says:

    Please tell me you didn’t mix the scotch and tequila!!!

  2. markso Says:

    Gnarlene was drinking the Tequila (with limes) and I was drinking scotch on the rocks.

  3. Swanda Says:

    OK, so with Domino’s and Subway, McDonald’s and Applebees…what the hell are they doing charging a foreign currency. Should just flip to the fricking dollar!