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Mar '10

Liquid Is Heavy. Duh.

Gnarlene headed to Cabo San Lucas to spend the day paddling around the bay on a kayak — my job for the day is to bring back groceries for another couple of meals. Might go out tonight for seafood if Gnarlene makes it back in time, might just have camarones (shrimp) and pasta here, or the chicken served with the green mole sauce I also picked up.

But those damn liquids — 6-pack of Diet Coke, two bottles of wine, a container of orange juice — that’s what almost killed me on the 15-20 minute walk back from the store. Or at least almost killed my fingers since they didn’t do a very good job packing them considering the tip they got.

Today’s side-note from a book that I’m about to finish “Dead Man’s Hand — Crime Fiction at the Poker Table”which is a collection of short stores by a dozen different authors, but one (John Lescroart) in his story, A Friendly Little Game, has this paragraph about why he doesn’t play poker:

Finally, and maybe most important, I really just don’t have much of a temperament for the game — in college, I’d sit in on a poker game once in a while, but I’d get literally sick with tension if I found myself in a big pot — big in those days being maybe twenty dollars. I’d barf back then, too. Here’s a free life lesson: Something makes you barf, avoid it.

Words to live by. Though I do enjoy poker, doesn’t make me barf.

I got into working on one of my projects this afternoon and totally spent the afternoon staring at a screen. Good for the wallet, bad for my tan.

Dinner tonight worked out to be the shrimp and pasta which we killed (forgot the beans!) along with the salad and bread. Time for another load of dishes!

Sorry that I don’t have a good shot for tonight. But I did have a great hot-tub tonight… having spent my day working.

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