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Mar '10

Back To Work, Again.

Awoke to the alarm clock… wanted to be bright and cheery for the marketing meeting this morning.

Well, at least I was awake for the meeting. After errands on the way home I had to take a power nap.

Late afternoon saw the arrival of Fluffernutter’s landlord to take a look at the phone booth and what it was going to take to put it back together and get it refinished and all prettified. Interesting guy — I’ve met him before, and every time it is one of those conversations that just keep going… we got sidetracked by RV (having told him I had just sold mine), and he mentioned the Vixen, which I have always lusted after. It’s a little know smaller RV that has a 4-cylinder BMW turbo diesel engine in it.

Luckily for me, they rarely come up for sale. Here is the history: http://vixenrv.com/vixen_history.php

A quiet dinner of stuff sole and salad — with a lovely Syrah from Bonny Doon that I picked up this afternoon at the apartment.


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