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Apr '10

Are There No Decent Reasonably Priced Hotels In Miami?

Working out more details of the Birthday Cruise 2010 (while starting to pack for Panama).

The hotel/motel where Swanda and I stayed a couple of years ago was… inexpensive… for a reason. Yikes. One night = OK, but I’m going for two nights before and two nights after. My $276.40 round-trip (checked today and it’s $500 round-trip) means there is a little extra money in the kitty for a hotel.

Question? Close to the airport? South Beach/Miami Beach?

Looking at TripAdvisor the hotels in both of the above had seriously negative reviews for anything under about $150 a night. There goes my kitty, to the pound, to be euthanized. There is a gay-owned hotel that seems to have decent reviews (I like any hotel that baskets with condoms on the night stand weird out some reviewers). And they do have a single if I happen to be going on this trip alone. http://www.islandhousesouthbeach.com/ 

Current thinking is South Beach/Miami Beach for the two nights before and Airport area for the last two nights as I have a 7am flight back.

Back to billing hours working on a couple of small items. And happy April Fool’s Day — not feeling terribly foolish, though I did think about posting my obituary as today’s blog post.

Dinner tonight with Swanda. Steaks, bread, salad, news, whiskey, wine — the usual.


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