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Apr '10

Bored Sitting At Home.

After Being Home Only 3 Days.

Off To Olympia.

Wow — no moss under my feet (possibly between my toes)… back for three days (or is it four) and already need to leave town even though I leave for Panama on Sunday night.

Olympia is calling — dinner with Curt, Rich, and our young’en Brandon.

But before I get to that, just an update on my travel mileage so far this year on Alaska:

Elite Tier Status Qualification

YTD Alaska/Horizon Miles
Flown: 16,07 1     3,929 Miles to MVP
YTD Alaska/Horizon/Qualifying Partner* Miles
Flown: 16,071     8,929 Miles to MVP
YTD Alaska/Horizon/Qualifying Partner* Segments
Flown: 11     19 Segments to MVP
* Air France, American, Delta, KLM, LanChile and Northwest

With the flight to Miami sheduled for late September, that will take me over MVP status — should I go for Gold again?

Left the house at 2, stopped for a little drive-through lunch and headed south in the rain to Olympia. I was hoping that because it was Good Friday the traffic would be less. NOT.

After a stop to check out the Cabella’s Sporting Goods store in Lacy (HUGE) to get s new pair of shorts for the trip ($14.95) and a couple of emergency ponchos (.99 each) it was off to Safeway for the few last minute meal items (and some bug spray for the trip), then the liquor store and then onto Curt’s place. 4:30. Yikes.

Dinner was a roasted pork loin, salad, bread that I backed before I went down, with Rich and Curt donating many bottles of tine to go with. Brandon — he brought the book I’d ordered for Curt that UPS delivered to his office.

The book? Totally self-serving:

Gourmet Game Night: Bite-Sized, Mess-Free Eating for Board-Game Parties, Bridge Clubs, Poker Nights,  Book Groups, and More

Click on the book above and it will take you to the Amazon site. Here is the Tom Douglas review of the book:

“Oh my Yahtzee! Anything that brings friends and family together sharing delicious bites of food tickles my fancy. I’m going for an Orange Negroni and a Crostini with Wild Mushroom Tapenade. My domino train is open for dinner!”
—TOM DOUGLAS, James Beard Award­–winning chef and author of Tom Douglas’ Seattle Kitchen



2 Responses to “Bored Sitting At Home.

After Being Home Only 3 Days.

Off To Olympia.”

  1. Swanda Says:

    I see you “backed” some bread for dinner that included many bottles of “tine” which made me smile.

  2. The SENIOR Colonel Says:

    And that was *before* he started drinking……