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Apr '10

Time To Finish Packing.

Here is my list of things I had planned to do today — and didn’t:

  • Faerie Coffee with Stardust from San Francisco
  • Wine Tasting at EVS
  • Tour of Mark and Kassie’s townhouse

Things that I did get done:

  • Finished packing for the Panama trip that I leave on tomorrow night
  • Additional rework of a corporate website after getting positive comments on my design after complimenting someone elses ideas
  • Found Curt someplace for him to use his miles for a birthday trip — Hawaii of all places after Kansas City, Austin, Boston, Miami, and everything else was not available.

Just a quiet evening at home. Having a badly unbalanced dinner of country-style pork ribs and roast potatoes. Didn’t feel like going to the store just for salad when I’m leaving tomorrow night and may have dinner in the International District before catching LightRail to the airport.

And here is where I’m headed tomorrow:

Panama Tour Map

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