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Apr '10

Three Legs, Fourteen Hours.

That’s what I’m looking forward to. Packed a sleeping pill just in case for the Seattle-Dallas/Ft.Worth red-eye. Two hours in Dallas in the morning, an hour or so in Miami before arriving at 2pm in Panama City, Panama.

Today — went to look at Mark and Kassie’s place (gorgeous) and took Mark for a ride in the Jag around Magnolia. No exactly a sunny warm day, but with the heat full blast it was OK with the top down.

Next stop — Tacos Guaymas for a couple of quick fish tacos. Lunch.

Next stop — Jimmy’s to drop off reading material. Who knows, he might be out of town. Mail was there from yesterday but the place was locked up (luckily I have a key).

Then back home for the final pack, phone charging, etc before heading off to have dinner with Swanda. Leaving the car there and taking LightRail to the airport at 8ish so I can hang out in the Board Room and have a couple of pre-flight cocktails.

Let’s hope all the flights are on time — don’t mind be delayed coming home — hate being delayed getting there.


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  1. Susan Says:

    Bon Voyage! will be looking for updates!