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Apr '10

Day Seven: Playa Blanca to Panama City.

We have a winner…. Luggage out at 9:15, butts on bus at 10am – that means I was able to have a bloody mary while waiting in the lobby.

Today’s itinerary – getting back to Panama City. Apparently there is a new favorite restroom stop – the cheese store (with pastries and ice cream) that we made the emergency stop on the way down to Playa Blanca.


Next stop was lunch – “Did you want the chicken or the sea bass”. Way too much food – I passed on the dessert. Since check-in isn’t until 4pm, we had time to kill… shopping. I picked up another license plate – a taxi plate which I plan to give to Thomas, MB’s kid who is starting to drive my old Checker Marathon. Also picked up a hat pin featuring the canal and a boat, and a set of dominos for Blair featuring what I think is a local rum brand.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped at a stand run by a tribe of local indigenous people. I took a quick cruise through the market… and damn if I didn’t end up with another license plate (makes three now) – this one from the Panama Canal Authority from 2003. And then I found some religious mola – which is a fabric handicraft made by the Kuna women (the tribe that runs this particular market. I’m thinking of Hummingbird as I buy these, most likely for him.

Though the one with the nativity scene might go to my mother for Christmas.

Was checked in by 5pm and waiting for bags before I figured out that I needed more mixer – I’m not sure how the Yerba Matte Diet Soda is going to mix with the Kentucky Cream, but there is always a first time. If it doesn’t work I’ll stick to the Cream Soda or Pepsi.

Dinner tonight down the in the restaurant. Order two glasses of wine, got charged for one, so that’s always good, but I’m seriously getting tired of other people’s cooking.

Waffling on bird watching tomorrow morning…. It’s a butts in the bus at 7am kinda thing.

[? ? ?]

PS – trying new tools in Word to do WordPress posts… like text wrapping.

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