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Apr '10

Back To Entertaining Mode.

Happy Tax Day everyone! I decided to combine all my pain into one day and visit the dentist as well.

At least on the money side, I picked up my paycheck while I was on the eastside, and got a text says that an overdue loan was being paid into my account with 3% interest. All that and a couple of hours of billable work help to ease the pain of an almost $3K tax bill, and a quarterly payment of another $750… and I haven’t even done my state quarterlies yet. Ouch.

But it was generally a sunny day – doesn’t the house look good without an RV in front if it:

Now if the grass will cooperate and grow back.

Dinner tonight is with Mr. Muse, a former “Zonie” as in Panama Canal Zone. I invited him over to chat about his time growing up in the Zone.

Marinated beef flank steak, roasted potatoes and onions, coleslaw, red wine.

A fine time.



2 Responses to “Back To Entertaining Mode.”

  1. Susan Says:

    Not kidding it looks great BUT you need white picket fence with arch over gate covered in vines and roses! 🙂

  2. markso Says:

    Hard to do that when their are chain link fences on both sides….