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Apr '10

Cabin Fever.

Woke up with a feeling of “cabin fever”… the need to just get out and about. What to do about it — drive.

I gathered all the stuff laying around needing to be delivered and headed out the door:

  • Panama Taxi license plate and taxi meter for Tom, Marybeth’s son who is getting the Checker Marathon as his car when he gets his license
  • Lowes for a replacement grill grate for the BBQ and batteries for the scale
  • Fluffernutter’s to drop off an enamel public telephone sign (and chat with Aaron, his roommate)
  • The apartment to pick up a DVD (which reminds me, I really have to watch If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Belgium since I had it for months)
  • Darcie and Jeannes to drop off a book — and have cocktails and enough snacks that it made dinner

Started at a little after noon and got home at 7.

Poking around the WorldMark site I realized that I could put together the Yellowstone/Montana prison trip for mid-May. Last night I had been playing around with a trans-Atlantic crossing with a stop on the way to London in Iceland so I could do a land-air tour of Greenland and a couple of spare days in London — the Norwegian Epic (which I’m planning on cruising with on my birthday) has studios available on the inaugural London to New York transatlantic crossing before going into service on the Caribbean routes for the next year (around $3-4K by the time all was said and done) and the evening before that it was a trip to Jasper up in Canadaland before dismissing it as too expensive (for the sleeper — $1200 round-trip from Vancouver). I never should have made that damn travel hit list!

Fence project tomorrow, I promise.


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