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Apr '10

Sunny Sunday For Working Outside.

With the sun out so that it’s t-shirt weather I decide it’s time to tackle the fence project. Little did I know that the worst part would be disentangling the rosemary from the chainlink fence in the front. My neighbor (MaryAnn) was also out so we had a chance to talk about the fence coming down, and she was excited – even wanted the portion all the way back to her fence pulled out – but that will have to wait for Jeremy to move his car – I’d hate to scratch it.

The first is the “beauty” shot that I put on my blog the other day:

Looks pretty… but to get the shot I had to stand at the fence (so it wouldn’t be in the shot). Here is the before/after today’s fence removal project (yes, I’m beat):

Yes, there is a pile of left over fencing to the right, and beyond that (out of picture range) a pile of rosemary that is the “purple” in the first shot. It was growing through the fence – the end result isn’t pretty – think Edward Scissor Hands.

Dinner tonight was with Jimmy and Suzanne at his place. Fish, pasta, salad, wine, followed by scotch.

A fine way to end a full day of physical labor.


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