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Apr '10

Garage Cleaning, Day Two.

Another sunny day – with me in the garage. Today’s progress:

  • Mounted the barn door track.
  • Hung the electric winch
  • Suspended the chop saw and table over where the table saw will be relocated
  • Organized all the lawn equipment and got it hung up

Still to do:

  • Organize the scrap on Craigslist:

Electric Lift ($100) Dead chipped good 8hp motor ($50)

Dr. Pepper machine ($200 ) Generic pop machine ($150)

Both work great — $300 for the pair.

Dinner tonight (yes, I’m entertaining again) is with Salamandar who is carless. The deal is I pick him up on the hill and he takes the bus home afterwards so that I don’t drink and drive.

Barbequed country style pork ribs, salad, roasted potatoes, last night’s bread. We both ate too much, but still managed to retire to the hot tub for an after dinner soak.

Not a bad way to end a meal.



2 Responses to “Garage Cleaning, Day Two.”

  1. The SENIOR Colonel Says:

    How in the world did you come to own TWO soda machines?

  2. Melba Toast Says:

    Ah yes, those pop machines bring back memories… For me, the wonder is ONLY two…