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Apr '10

Surly To Bed, Surly To Rise.

Nothing like waking up early, and in a foul mood. Good thing the sun is out.

Boycotting work today – just means more crap on the table for tomorrow.

Today is for finishing up the mid-June trip to Yellowknife. Plane is booked – and they don’t even want the money until I check it! Hotel in Yellowknife is booked (500 Alaska air miles, free shuttle and internet). Car is rebooked (triple miles for a total of 450 Alaska air miles).

Today is for putting the pop machines, dead chipper/shredder, and hitch lift on CraigsList.

Amazingly I got an email for the chipper/shredder 25 minutes after the posting. It’s the one item I thought would be a slow seller. Who knew. The guy who called has a chipper/shredder with a blown motor – same size as mine. A good fit I’d say.

By 2:15 it was loaded in his truck and gone. Just a shade under two hours from post to load in truck.

Today is for driving around with the top down (too bad the sun went away and it started dumping rain), dropping off some osso bucco veal at Curts (in Olympia) on the way to Tacoma for the 2010 Evergreen State College Recognition Dinner.

The heavy rain started so I left a half hour early for the Olympia-Tacoma run… knowing traffic would be a mess. And I wasn’t disappointed. Hit the Safeway in Oly for some more marked down meat, dropped it all off at Curt’s and off to the reception-dinner which I was actually on time for after missing a couple of turns.

Decent Italian Sangovese red wine, decent buffet food, wildly capable speakers, lots of clapping, etc. Ended up networking and telling stories of the “Olympia City Council Scandal” and running into a gay couple (one of half a dozen in attendance) who I hadn’t seen in 21 years (their estimate) who at one point had been sort of stalking me on-line… told them about the blog – much easier.

Surly mood has passed. With all the networking I realized that I need to finish my concept of new business cards… 4-color one-side, single color letterpress the other side. Where Digital Meets Traditional being my business tag-line.

Glad this day is done.


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