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May '10

Brother, Day Two

Today was all about torturing my brother – torturing him with things he wants but can’t fit into his luggage for the train home:

  • Bamboo Hardwoods (though he might be able to fit the 4×8 rolled bamboo as carryon)
  • Earthwise (massive stainless steel sink for the pottery shed)
  • Habitat For Humanity store (oven vents for the same pottery shed).

Maybe next time he’ll bring the pickup.

Of course, I didn’t get out of this without some treasures, though all of them small enough to fit in the trunk of the Jag:

  • 1974 Charlie’s Angels Western Electric Speakerphone from Earthwise
  • Front porch light cover than has been missing for years

The speakerphone?

Inside and outside shots. Looks to be in great condition:

Now I just have to make it work.

Dinner tonight was a couple of massive steaks, yet more shrimp, salad and some fresh bread.



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