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May '10

Everyone On The Move.

From full house, to nobody home. That’s the Rose Street house today.

Jon has an 11:30am train to Eugene, and I have a 3:30pm plane to San Diego. And as timing goes, MoonSong coming to clean tomorrow is perfect as more guests show up for dinner on Thursday night, and a weekend stay starting Friday. Never a dull moment.

Dropped Jon at the train, dropping the Jag at the apartment, caught LightRail to the airport – too bad that link doesn’t have a nice acronym like the South Lake Union Trolley (SLUT).

Spent my time in the Board Room at the airport eating, drinking, reading newspapers – even logged in for a bit to check email. Yesterday I got word that both my flight to and from San Diego had been upgraded to first class, though not in exactly the seat I wanted — 1C, but got the window instead. My seat mate was the rare person these days that was keeping up with me drink for drink throughout the flight. I doubt if there was very much Crown Royal (for him) or Glenfiddich (for me) left after that flight landed.

Walked to the curb to wait for Debbie – who was just pulling up. She didn’t even have to do once around the airport. Good timing incident number one.

Good timing incident number two: found our way to the WorldMark San Diego and as we were pulling him and getting my bag out of the car, a parking slot on the street opened up (much better than the $16 a day parking on-site).

Got settled into the room, took a tour of the rooftop deck and headed to Debbie’s place for dinner.

Angelica (Debbie’s granddaughter who she is raising), now 12, cooked us a wonderful meal (must remember to send a thank you note) of baked chicken with a couple of side dishes. All this served al fresco in the back yard (though it was a bit cool) with a view down the valley and into the city. As Debbie says, “It may not be the best neighborhood, but you can’t beat the view”.

Back to the condo around 10pm to catch up on email and watch the nightly news.



2 Responses to “Everyone On The Move.”

  1. The SENIOR Colonel Says:

    Why is Debbie raising her grand-daughter? I ask that because we expect our daughter to show up with her two kids any day now, as soon as she works up the courage to leave the bum she’s married to. Kate and I expect to have an increasing role in their lives….it’s a mixed blessing.

  2. Curt Says:

    Nice day.