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May '10

San Diego, Day Two.

It’s amazing what I will do for $75 – sit through an hour long sales pitch. Luckily they were running behind on their appointments so it was sitting around for 15 minutes and 45 minutes of sales pitch. I always tell them up front that it can’t be longer than an hour as I have a conference call that I need to be on. It’s fun to watch them speed up their pitch as you anxiously look at your watch. Maybe I should just program my phone to go off.

Debbi picked me up at noon for our day of hitting the thrift stores and a little lunch.

First stop was the Sally Ann just down the street from the WorldMark San Diego. What I was looking for was a 5-line Western Electric phone to go with my Charlie’s Angels speakerphone. What I found was:

Looks nothing like a phone, but it was half price off clothing day so the two of them were $14.25. It’s hard to see the detail work on the Chinese gown which doesn’t fit me, but it did fit Lunetta. Strangely enough the beaded one does fit. Turns out I’m a size 24 in women’s wear.

Next up was lunch at the Kansas City BBQ where they filmed the sleazy bar scene in Top Gun with Tom Cruise. The BBQ wasn’t bad either.

Two more thrift stores in Chula Vista didn’t yield a phone. Damn.

Just enough time after shopping to walk to Albertsons and rustle up some dinner for Lunetta and Bev (his boss). Filet mignon, grilled asparagus, Caesar salad, and a couple of bottles nice wine. The things I’ll do to try and woo another client.

Dinner al fresco on the roof. It was a fun evening and it would be nice to world with fun people.

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