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May '10

Dinner With Friends, Again.

Exciting news… might have located a yellow Western Electric phone to go with my Charlie’s Angel Speakerphone Set.

Today was scholarship reading at the Washington Athletic Club. Started at 11am on a stack of 35 applications, finished a little after two. Luckily lunch and soft drinks were supplied. At least two of the people’s applications I read had applied for my scholarship as well.

Other news… taking a hiatus from my major client. Guess I’d better get to work developing a new one (or two). Spent the afternoon and part of the evening after guests left working on the transition document. You know:

  • Which passwords need changing
  • Which email address need to be deleted
  • Status of all the projects I was working on
  • Unreviewed alerts that need dealt with
  • Open issue on trademark issues
  • Recommendations for the future

Tomorrow will be archiving all my working files and sending the off to the owner.

And speaking of friends for dinner – yes, again. Dancing Bear and a friend of his that was in town. No Old Fashions tonight, no orange. Just wine to go with the bacon wrapped filet mignons (yes, I know, twice in one week), salad, bread, roasted potatoes – Dancing Bear loves his starch.

Up too late, but what’s new about that.


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