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May '10

Of Lamps, Table Clothes and Maps.

More things getting fixed around the house. Note the new lighting on the deck:

Now I just need to finish the other lights I have stuck in a couple of bins in the garage. Not today, maybe tomorrow.

Swung by the apartment to pick up a package, which turned out to be two packages.

  • A retro Coke lunchbox from Points
  • A bell to go with the smells containers for Hummingbird up in Vancouver to replace his lost goods from the fire

Spent some time getting all the Western Electric equipment arranged and plugged in to see if it would work as my Skype speakerphone. So far, no luck – but the wiring goes through the block fine, so for the meantime I have a brown trim-line phone on my desk for making Skype calls – pick up the phone, and up pops the Skype window. You can even dial the number from the phone as long as you put the # key behind it.

Yes, I’m using 1970’s technology to control my computer.

Suze stopped over for some table clothes and napkins (one one more down pillow)… still trying to clear a mass of stuff out of the garage, or at least organize it some more.

Dinner was a steak and salad while surfing the web for a hard-wiring Bluetooth (and hopefully MP3 jack) for the jag. When I take it in for its second oil change (in a year and a half, not bad – synthetic oil) I’ll ask about an updated navigation system CD, though having the phone tied into the steering wheel controls would be nice.

Onward, and bedward.


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  1. Melba Toast Says:

    A 70s trimline phone for your Skype calls…I love it. You so rock. 🙂