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May '10

Weird Day, Good Deal.

Woke up in Olympia this morning with a sore neck.. different beds, different pillows. Well, not all that different, I do that bed once a month or so.

Morning at the house organizing before heading off the take the cat in for a physical (Jag needs an oil change).

In at noon, out at three.

In between, finally found a Vacuum Seal unit – the same model that broke on me at month 13 of a 12 month warranty – the new one, same model, still sealed in it’s original box, complete with all the packing plastic wrap, etc. – seriously, it was $12.99 and new in the box – and it’s a model that I like. I ordered (and sent back) another model from Amazon last week, so this is a score.

Reading the manual for the Jag – trying to figure out the phone system and whether I can hack it, I discovered another “auto” button… the pull the key out and the steering wheel retracts and pulls out of the way – that will save the upholstery! And now I have some clues on the integrated garage door opener – apparently it takes two people to program “rolling codes”.

Lamb chops and salad for dinner.

Tomorrow off on a cruise with DancingBear which means up at 5:45am for a 7:30am flight.



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